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Kink Vancouver: The Next Generation
SM 101 CANCELLED Friday May 1st 
30th-Apr-2009 06:58 pm
Reive Masquerade
  SM 101: The ABCs CANCELLED Friday May 1st

 Please excuse the late notice. We have just learned that Youthco will be closed from Friday night through the weekend. An exterminator will be fumigating the building early Friday evening, and while both the presenter, Reive Doig, and Kink 101 Presents are fans of breath control, attending a seminar in a toxic environment probably isn’t the safest introduction to it.

 The workshop will be rescheduled at the earliest opportunity.

 To learn more about the rescheduling, or about other Kink 101 Presents seminars you can email the organizer and/or join his mailing list by emailing the organizer Ilya at at jaoman@shaw.ca


 Upcoming Kink 101 Presents Seminars

 Friday June 12  Impact Play 101 presented by Zorklunn

 Friday July 10  Scene Communication presented by Dr. Pega Ren

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